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hello everyone. I need your help once again!
Terry and I are looking for wedding songs, and the only Korean people that will be at our wedding are his parents and sister. So, I thought of the idea to use a Korean song to walk down the Isle to. Not just me, but the bridesmaids and groomsmen too. I'd like to find a beautiful song that we can all walk to. Can you all do me a favor (that is~ all that would like to help me out!) could you write down some songs that you think might fit this ceremony well?
We want something totally unique and awsome. I just went through all the Korean songs that I have and picked some out. Terry might have a software on his computer that can delete out the voices so we can just use the instrumental music.
If any one of you could help, I would be so very thankful. Just keep in mind, you'll be helping us to customize our wedding!! ^_^
You can include anything, really~ even if it is american too. We are christian though, so if you find anything religious too, that would be nice.
(I'm so excited! ^_^)
Alright, I don't know how to x-post, so, sorry, but this is going in a couple of journals.
Thanx all!!
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